TAIG lathe - dead center project. based almost entirely on Dean's instructions: Dean's Photographica.

I hope my experiments as a beginner might be amusing or helpful to those interested in getting started with hobby machining.

  1. Accurately chucking stock in steel indipendent 4 jaw chuck. I'm using a dial indicator to get it as accurate as I can.
  2. Grinding a Right Hand Facing tool out of a 1/4 inch square HSS tool blank
  3. Facing the front
  4. Turn diameter down to match blank collet diameter (less than .530")
  5. Set compound slide to make 15 degree cut (30 degree inclusive angle to fit TAIG headstock spindle taper)
  6. Center drill
  7. twist drill hole size: #7 3/8ths deep
  8. Thread 1/4-20 using plug tap to start and bottoming tap to cleanup and finish
  9. Flip the part, tighten in place with threaded rod, washers and nuts
  10. Turn 60 degree dead center

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