DIY mountaineering crampons. Rough sketch, solidworks 3d design to get it laser cut out of Hardox 450 steel. Parts hand bent at the forge, manually hand filed for precision fit. Drilled and pinned using brass rod.

DIY step breakdown:

  1. sketch out assembly, develop 3D CAD model for lasercutting
  2. Heat to orange heat in the forge, bend all parts as needed, check level, upper support twists for webbing ring alignment
  3. drill holes for brass pins
  4. drill inner chamfer as needed for brass pinning, seating
  5. drill holes for webbing rings
  6. cut, grind and shape metal supports that will be pinned to crampon body
  7. cut, grind, and file the connection bar and front trapped swivel mating area
  8. pin the parts together
  9. install kydex anti balling plates
  10. install the rings
  11. install webbing
  12. local field test
  13. determine whether heat treatment and tempering required

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